Where to get inspiration for your clothes

The style evolves with us throughout our life, it is normal to spend time looking for it! I would say that it is quite healthy, that supposes that we change over time, that we ripen and see the world differently. Our needs are constantly evolving and this allows us to stay creative. But first of all, what does it mean for you to have style? Is it dressing in an original way and especially not like the others? Is it dressing the most flattering for its morphology? Does it mean telling a story? Etc…

By observing people on the street

Except if you live in the heart of Manhattan (irony), we must admit that the street style of everyday life is not often famous. But in the middle of all this is still hiding 2 or 3 pearls. And if you flash on a pair of shoes or a bag, do not hesitate to question the person to ask where she found this wonder. She will be flattered and will give you the info without problem.


Most women have a star they admire for his physique, his career, his talent or his style! Subscribe to his social networks and fan accounts to not miss any of his looks. Attention, we keep in mind that all this is to inspire, not to copy. The goal is to keep your style, not to become the pale copy of a star! I hope this will have given you new ideas to reinvent your wardrobe every day of the year.

On social networks

The champions in this area are undoubtedly Pinterest and Instagram. Millions of looks, all more trendy than others, are waiting for you. When you have identified some ways to wear a particular accessory, compare it to what you have in your closet: do you have equivalence? Is it worth buying a similar model? etc.

The story you want to tell by your clothes

You know the proverb, it is often said that appearances are deceptive. We are especially lucky to be able to tell all the stories we want with our clothes. You can decide who you want with your clothes! Everything is possible, free for you to dress according to your desires. You can also decide to be all these people at once one day after another. With boohoo, inspiration will never lack since there is a high collection of clothes customizable to satisfy your needs.